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Meaning…focus on YOUR THOUGHTS ONLY!!! Focus on Where You Want To Be and What You Want To Do…ONLY!!!

Dr. L. Richardson



I would like for you to ponder on these questions:

  • What are some of The Universal Laws of Nature?
  • How are these Laws being used in our daily lives?
  • How IMPORTANT are some of these Laws to our livelihood?
  • How CONSCIOUS are you of some of these Universal Laws?

Go to: to understand your connection to these Universal Laws of Nature.

Dr. L. Richardson

Meta Physician


You are the Thinker and the Creator of your reality. Be aware of what you are thinking and creating into your reality…remember you are the one that will have to live it.

Be aware of your CREATIONS!!!

Dr. L. Richardson


A Belief is a Thought that you keep Thinking… Think another Thought and Create a Different Belief…

Dr. L. Richardson, Meta Physician

Check out:


You Must Think It… To Become It…


Dr. L. Richardson, Meta Physician

Check out:


The New Year gives us a chance to start anew… to close doors on things that did not benefit us… and to open doors that will allow us to grow in the mind, body, and soul…

Just Think It…

Dr. L. Richardson, Meta-Physician


Life Will Be…What You Think It Will Be…
What Are You Thinking…? What Are You Doing…?
Who Are You BEING…Be The Best That You Can BE!!!

Dr. L. Richardson, Meta-Physician


We Are What We Think, Feel, and See… What are you thinking, feeling, and seeing in your life? Allow to assist you in this game called life.

Dr. L. Richardson, Meta-Physician


You Are Your Life Script! Everyday you are taking away or adding to your life by what you are thinking… Think With A Purpose!



The world keeps spinning and we keep creating. It is your birthright to create the life you desire! Never let anyone tell you differently. You are truly the CREATOR of your WORLD.

Dr. L. Richardson


Can you please take a moment to huge yourself and say wonderful, wonderful me! You must think, feel, and see yourself as a powerful being able to bring anything into your world. Because you are the ONE!!! Go to and explore.

Dr. L. Richardson


You are the Thinker and Creator of Your Reality…Be aware of what you are thinking and creating into your reality. You are the one that will have to live it!


The world is your playground…it responds to your every thought…make sure you are aware of what you are thinking into the World. Check out


Checking in to see how you are playing this game called life. Go to to improve on playing your game called life…!!!

Dr. Linda Richardson


Spring is here and what are you thinking? Who are you being? What are you doing in this game called life? Check out to know, be, and do.


What an honor to be of service to you while you are playing this game called life. What have you been up to? check it out.


How are you doing with your thoughts, feelings, and movements? Are your thoughts taking you where you desire to go? Go to and read about the power of your thoughts.


New Beginnings, New Attitudes, New Life Scripts…Join and for changing our thoughts on the way we see ourselves and our world. I look forward to engaging with you all…

Dr. Linda Richardson, Metaphysican


New Month New Life Script… Go to for details on writing your life scripts.


New Month…New Thought…New Life Script…go to for details on contests.


Unfortunately no winners for the month of September…but there is always another month…will you participate in writing your life script? Details at


How is it coming? Are you able to write just a simple life script for yourself and then play it out in your life? Go to and click on TGCL contest…see what you discover.


No Winners for August! Who will participate for September? Please go to for details. Click on TGCL for the monthly contest


ONLY ONE DAY LEFT! August 31st at MIDNIGHT all life scripts should be in. Please go to on TGCL Contest.


REMINDER! One week to go for TGCL contest. Go to for details… Remember You Create Your Reality. Give it a try…


IN ONE WEEK! Starting Aug 1 -31st write your life script and submit it to win either $500 or an IPad from School of First Thought. Go to for more details.


STARTING IN AUGUST! Win $500 or an IPad…when you register for the TGCL contest…go now to for more details.


You are the thinker and the creator of your reality. Be aware of what you are thinking and creating into your reality…you are the one that will have to live it.


Hello World…It is your WORLD! The world can only give to you what you think to it…Think and visualize only that which you desire to be…then you will BECOME IT…


I want you to know that YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY. Look within to create your world without. Tweak it within your Spirit and see the changes taking place in the world without.


We must become actively constructive and happy in our thinking – not merely passively so. “Ernest Holmes.” Remember we create our reality.



Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Remember a BELIEF is only a THOUGHT that YOU KEEP THINKING. To change a BELIEF you must CHANGE the THOUGHT. To do SOMETHING DIFFERENT you must THINK SOMETHING DIFFERENT.


Hello World, just checking in on you to see if the New Year is treating you well. Remember you are the ONE who CONTROLS every aspect of your life…what life script are you writing for yourself today?



New Year, New Attitude requires a New Life Script…What are you waiting on? Remember You Create Your Destiny!



Hello You… Yes You… What is it you would like to do with your life? Yes…I’m asking. Just be aware you are the POWER to CHANGING your LIFE situations. You Must Think It To Become It…!


Life Begins With a Thought and It Ends With a Thought…What are you thinking? Only think the thoughts of what you desire in life!


LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!! Regardless of what is going on good, bad, or indifferent, you are the ONLY one with the power to change it. YOU ARE THE POWER!


Checking in with you…what have you currently done for yourself? Remember you create your reality one thought at a time.


HAPPY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY of S.O.F.T. Contests! Thanks to all who subscribed, but did not participate. I’m hoping this year I will have some WINNERS! Thanks for your support!


Life Can Be What You Desire It To BE…But You Must First Desire It to BE…You Are The Power To All Your CREATIONS! knows of your POWERS.


Be The Magnificent Being That You Are!!! Walk with awareness with what you are bringing into your life… You Create Your Reality!


Who What Life to Play This Game Called Life With Me? Join me anytime, anywhere in the world, any situations, and any concerns on


BE YOUR OWN AUTHOR… Write your life script based on who and what you want to be and do. ALWAYS remember you CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY and then PLAY IT OUT with the rest of the world.


5 DAYS TO GO! For the month of September this is also the quarterly contest. I dare you to submit your life script and become a runner up for one of three contests.


LET’S GET GOING!!! Do not wait start your Life Script and win $500 cash or Getaway Vacation anywhere in the world…I DARE YOU to CREATE your LIFE SCRIPT!


The world keeps spinning and we keep creating. It is your birthright to create the life you desire! Never let anyone tell you differently. You are truly the CREATOR of your WORLD.




ONE WEEK TO GO!!! Okay, there is only one week to go before the end of the month. Who will submit their life script and claim $500 of my easy earned money… believe it or not there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Just write and submit your life script on what you desire to do to improve on who you are being….this is all! Do you DARE to CREATE A GREATER YOU!!!

Linda Richardson


It’s Your Reality! Who are you BEING? What are you DOING? It is your REALITY! Create it according to your WANTS, DESIRES, & WISHES! Allow to assist you with your Life Script.


What is your belief? Remember a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. Think a different thought and create a new belief…one that better serve you… A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking… A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking… A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking…

Example: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not pretty”, “I can’t succeed”, “I’m a failure” or “I’m not worthy”.


Write your life script now and become a winner for the month of August!



A BELIEF is a THOUGHT you KEEP THINKING…Think a THOUGHT of what you want not what you don’t want. Do not keep thinking a thought in opposition to what you want and desire. can assist.


YOU ARE THE ONE! CREATING YOUR REALITY IS UP TO YOU!!! Always remember you are the CREATOR of your LIFE! Allow to assist you…


TELL ME…what are you creating in your reality? Make sure you are being the best at what you are creating! SOFT is here to assist you with your creations. Go to NOW!


MONTH OF JULY CONTESTS! SUBMIT NOW! Will you be a winner? Write your life script today!


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I simply want the best for you…this is why I created SOFT. What do you want for you? Go to and discover your true self.


HELLO WORLD! I DARE YOU TO CREATE A GREATER YOU…What LIFE SCRIPTS are you writing? Go to and participate in writing a GREATER YOU!


YOU ARE A WINNER! Go to and show the world  you are in control of your DESTINY! Enter to win $500 or Getaways.


2 DAYS TO GO!!! Submit your life script to SOFT Contests…!!!


YOUR CREATIONS! The Spiritual world is the CAUSE of the material; we are spiritual beings governed by mental law. ONLY THAT WORLD CAN APPEAR TO US WHICH WE MENTALLY PERCEIVE (Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind).


FAITH! Faith is a Mental Attitude which is so convinced of its own IDEA –which so completely accepts it – that any contradictions is UNTHINKABLE and IMPOSSIBLE…(Ernest Holmes) Go to


FAITH! Faith is an affirmative mental approach to Reality (Ernest Holmes)…What is your Reality?! Create Your Reality by Writing Your Life Scripts. Go to and enter contests.


APRIL’S CONTESTS!!! SUBMIT your LIFE SCRIPT today and WIN $500 or a GETAWAY VACATION! Go to and read the guidelines…there is no cost to you but your time to focus on your GOALS!


MY GIFT TO YOU! Hello everyone, there are 3 days left for March 2014 contests. I’m not sure if you all understand what I’m doing, so let me briefly explain. I created School of First Thought (SOFT) for you to understand who you really are in this game called life (your birthright). I desire for you to participate in your lives based on your hopes and dreams for your future. This is why I created several contests offering money and getaways vacation. Why am I doing this? First…because I can…smile and second because it is my life purpose to awaken you to your birthright… We all have unimaginable power inside this physical body, but do not know or do not know how to effectively use it in our everyday life. The money ($500.00) that I’m giving away comes from my saving account (which is every month) and the getaways (4/3 nights or 7/6 nights) are coming from my timeshare (own in Orlando, FL and Williamsburg, VA) that can be used anywhere in the world. I started the contests in November 2013 and no one has written a life script to submit. I now have over 2000 members and still no one is submitting life scripts. What can I do to assist you? The only way we can create a better life is to participate more in where and what we desire to be, have, and do.

My desire for you is what you desire for yourself…My Gift to You…is to Awaken You to Your Birthright.

Linda Richardson, Founder of SOFT


1 WEEK TO GO!!! Who will win the $500 for the month of March? Who will submit their life script? Will it be you? Go to and see what is going on.


Can You Say “I Am The World Dreaming of Local Events” (Deepak Chopra). What does this mean to you?


School of First Thought – You Must Think It To Become It…
What are you thinking? Who are you becoming?


Do You Know Your Power? Read “Story of Creation Simplified” and begin consciously using Your Powers!

The Story of Creation Simplified


The Magic is in the Script! You are the Wish, the Wisher, and the Grantor of the Wish. What script are you writing? Never forget the MAGIC IS IN THE SCRIPT!


How well are you playing this Mind Game…This Game Called Life (TGCL)? You do know it is a Mind Game…Don’t you?


Carolyn Mooney won $250.00! She answered the RIDDLE OF THE WEEK!

The Riddle of the Week:  Our physical being is the body of the unseen man. Behind the objective form of the rose is the idea that projects the rose.

Carolyn Response:

 The only other response is either the soul or a universal consciousness. If spiritualists still believe the that we have an immortal soul, that is the true “seat” of our consciousness. The other notion is that there exists such a thing as a universal mind or consciousness, and that this consciousness is the generative factor of all that we see (the rose). In other words, the universal consciousness causes the sensible universe. Thus, this meta-consciousness is instantiated in the physical being of our body but remains unseen, and the objective form of the rose is merely a projection of the universal consciousness that, for the purposes of our perceptions, bring the rose into being. There are some intelligent people who seriously believe this, and even convince themselves that there is evidence for it.


Basically everything we see in the physical world is a projection of the idea of that physical object that we are seeing.  We exist in a sea of conscious intelligence and all things are made from it…we introduce an idea in our mind, and the unseen conscious intelligence (God, if you wish), brings that idea (object) into the physical world. This makes us creators of our reality.

You are on a journey of discovering your True Self…it begins by understanding who you are in relation to this whole Universe and with This Game Called Life (TGCL).

WANT TO WIN? There is another riddle out there find it, and answer it, so you can win cash money!


2 Days Left! Who will win one of the contest and the extra SOFT Member Competition Contest? SUBMIT your life script NOW!



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SOFT Members Competition

SOFT has created another contest solely for its members. This will be something extra that is  added to the TGCL Contest, POC Contest, and the CYD-CYL Contest.  This contest will begin now in February so, you have the remaining of the month to do something creative and submit it.

 Currently there are 8 groups each with 90 to 100 members except for group 8. The objective is to pair up (2 people) with someone from your group. The first pair from one of the 7 groups to connect and write an imaginary and creative 400 to 600 words life script about anything (hopefully it relates to the both of you and what you desire in life) will win $500. You will split the prize. Submit script using form on homepage.

 Family, friends, and associates can participate in any extra contests that are not associated with the original contests which will still be going on.

 P.S. Other members email addresses can be seen in the To: Address Box. Reach out to anyone that you know or do not know. The fun of SOFT is to play with your energy, your consciousness.

 Linda Richardson, Founder


RIDDLE OF THE WEEK! “Our physical being is the body of the unseen man. Behind the objective form of the rose is the idea that projects the rose. Win $250.00 by giving me a deeper meaning of this riddle.” Submit @ studying


COME PLAY WITH ME!!! I would like for you to use your energy, your consciousness to play with me. Enter one of several contests and win cash and vacation getaways anywhere in the world. Tell me about how you desire your life to be…and let me assist you in becoming it…

 Go to and join me in playing this game called life.


The Magic is in the Script! You are Magicians of your lives. You unconsciously create scripts that govern every area of your life. I’m asking you to simply be conscious of writing your life script, in the process; you will be playing with your energy – your consciousness when you engage in any one of SOFT contests. Are you ready to be a greater and better MAGICIAN of your LIFE?


Are You Participating in Your Life? This you must ask…Be a Creator in Your World. Win $500 in February for Creating Your Life Script.

Go to for rules and guidelines


Submit life script tonight between 12am (midnight) and 5am PST. You are still in the running. Be the first to win $500.00. Be the first to show everyone how it is done…I dare you to write your life script!

Linda Richardson, Founder


ONE WEEK TO GO!!! Okay, there is only one week to go before the end of the month. Who will submit their life script and claim $500 of my easy earned money…believe it or not there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Just write and submit your life script on what you desire to do to improve on who you are being….this is all! Do you DARE to CREATE A GREATER YOU!!!

Linda Richardson



Hello everyone, I want you all to create a greater SELF in this game called life (TGCL), but you must first understand who you are in this game called life. This site is designed to assist you in awakening to the POWER that you are born with. That is correct! I’m talking about your INHERENT BIRTHRIGHT!  Browse through the site, especially within each center. Each one is telling you about YOUR TRUE SELF… I ask you to take the time to understand just who you are.

Linda Richardson, Founder