About The Rewards


 Contests Began November 1, 2013



How Well Are You Playing TGCL

Welcome to SOFT Rewards! As you see there are several rewards that you are able to participate within SOFT. I must warn you in participating you must assess where you are in life and begin writing a different script to take you were you desire to go. The rewards that are being offered here in SOFT is to motivate you into participating in creating a greater life for you… Are you ready to participate in this game called life? Then, I ask that you explore one or more rewards to see which one you would like to participate in.¬† I desire for you to create the life that you want based on your Inherent Life!

You do know that you are the POWER to creating a GREATER YOU!!!


$500.00 Cash Reward.

The Game Called Life (TGCL) Contest is designed to assist you with creating the life that you desire by competing with others around the world through writing your life script. Your life script is something that you desire to experience in your life. Come and create a life script that will win you $500.00 in cash.


Getaway Vacations Around The World.

Play of Consciousness (POC) is designed for you to play with your energy, your consciousness. By using your energy to freely without any restrictions write your life script that will land you a 4/3 Nights or 7/6 Nights anywhere in the world. So, I dare you to come and play with your consciousness by writing your life script based on your desires.