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Our Rewards

Creating Your Reality
The Game Called Life (TGCL) Contest
The Game Called Life (TGCL) Contest

How well are you playing TGCL? TGCL Contest can assist you with playing a better game called life.

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Play of Consciousness (POC) Contest
Play of Consciousness (POC) Contest

You see you are PURE ENERGY! You are in control of changing your energy (your thoughts). POC Contest can assist you.

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Create Your Day – Create Your Life (CYD-CYL) Contest
Create Your Day – Create Your Life (CYD-CYL) Contest

Create your life one day at a time. CYD-CYL contest is here to build your life one day at a time.

Learn More
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Come to S.O.F.T.

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Connecting You To Your Greater SELF

Personal Growth @ Development

Controlling Your World…

Awakening Center

The Power of Your Thoughts…

Magic Center

Creating Your Life…
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School of First Thought

“Creating Your Future One Thought At A Tim

Your Future and Your Destiny lies in what you are thinking. You Must Think It To Become It. Think accordingly… The Universe is listening.

Dr. Linda M. Richardson, Founder

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Phone Number

1 888-630-SOFT (7638)


Orlando, Florida

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