Hall of Knowledge

Welcome to the Hall of Knowledge

 You Must First Have The Knowledge Of Your Power, Second The Courage To Dare

 And Third, The Faith To Do

 Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

Knowledge is POWER! This is what has been said to us many times over. The right kind of knowledge will allow us to govern our lives only as we desire. Yes, the right kind of knowledge will cure us of illnesses and diseases of all kind. Well, can I let you in on a little secret? You are this KNOWLEDGE! Come and awaken to WHO YOU REALLY ARE! I know it will amaze you—why shouldn’t it. You control every moment of your existence…but, you must be conscious of the true knowledge of your existence. Come take this journey with me into the Hall of Knowledge and begin playing a more magnificent game called life…

Remember, You Must First Have The Knowledge of Your Power!

 ·       Journey Begins Here…

·       Bubble of Consciousness (BOC) “Our World…The World of Concepts”

·       Division of Consciousness Statuses (DOCS)

·       A Thinking Body

·       Identity Stripping

·       Cleansing Room

·       Meditation Room

·       Intention Room

·       Questioning Rooms

·       It’s Your Birthright!!!

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