My Life Purpose:  To Awaken You To Your Birthright…

Welcome to School of First Thought better known as SOFT…

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My name is Dr. Linda Richardson and I am the founder of the School of First Thought (SOFT).  I developed this online school for you to awaken to greater you in this game called life. There are many magnificent aspects throughout this online school that will assist you in awakening to a greater you, thereby being able to create a greater you and a greater life, in this game called life. I want you to know that you are a very powerful being and I am here to assist you in tapping into your unimaginable power. SOFT is designed for you to play with your consciousness…this simply means playing with your energy.

How can I assist you with playing with your consciousness you may ask? Through TGCL contest, the CYD-CYL contest, the Play of Consciousness (POC) contest, the Online Book Lotto; the Online Inherent Life Program;, and through my three centers called PG&D center, Awakening center, and the  Magic center. There is much information that can be found in these three centers that were develop to assist you in your journey in discovering the Real Self…known as the True Self.

This True Self is always conveying some message to let you know where you are in this game called life. You can actually refer to this True Self as your Intuition. Your intuition is actually your sixth sense. Remember we tend to go about this game called life with our five senses such seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. However, we can definitely play a more powerful game called life if we have a greater understanding of our sixth sense.

Here is where SOFT comes in…this school is purposely designed to play with your consciousness, your energy. Come join me in creating a greater you in this game called life. Every move you make is taking you in any direction. I say let’s go and consciously play with our energy and create the life that is our Inherent Life.

Navigating School of First Though (SOFT)
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The 3 MOST IMPORTANT aspects of SOFT are the CENTERS: 1. Personal Growth and Development; 2. Awakening; and 3. Magic Centers.

The Personal Growth and Development Center consists of two halls:  Hall of Knowledge and Hall of Resources. At times you will find some of the same information in each Hall.

Begin with the Hall of Knowledge so; you can begin understanding just who you really are in this game called life. I need for you to navigate through the Hall of Knowledge in an orderly way starting with:  The Journey Begins Here… then, on to the next, and so on…


Hall of Knowledge

Journey Begins Here…
Bubble of Consciousness (BOC) “Our World…The World of Concepts”
Division of Consciousness Statuses (DOCS)
A Thinking Body
Identity Stripping
Cleansing Room
Meditation Room
Intention Room
Questioning Rooms
It’s Your Birthright!!!

When you are done with understanding the information in Hall of Knowledge, please move on to Hall of Resources and begin understanding this information. In the Hall of Resources you can click on any of the information as you wish. Within the Hall of Resources you will find the majority of the information that is within School of First Thought (SOFT).

Hall of Resources

Activity Rooms
Awakening Center
A –to- Z Steps to A Richer Life
Bubble of Consciousness (BOC)
Division of Consciousness Statuses (DOCS)
Energy Packet
Hall of Knowledge
Hall of Resource
Impress Upon The Universe
It Is Your Birthright
Magic Center
Personal Growth & Development Center
Play of Consciousness (POC)
Story of Creation Simplified
Temperament Rooms
Universal Laws of Nature
25 Qualities of the Unified Field of All Possibilities

This concludes all the information that is found in Personal Growth and Development Center.


In the Awakening Center you will find 8 Temperament Rooms, these rooms were especially designed by me to assist you in awakening to a greater you. I developed these centers based on the book The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. It is important for you to engage in these 24 weeks exercises for you to fully understand how to create the life you so desire.  For example the first temperament room is “Quiet Room” which corresponds to parts 1-3 of the audio book by Charles F. Haanel. Do as you are instructed before moving on to the second temperament room which is the “Attention Room,” then listen and correspond to parts 4-6 of the audio book and so on… Please if, you feel that you need to spend more time within either one of these temperament rooms, I implore you to do so…

8 Temperament Rooms/Exercises

1.    Quiet Room
2.    Attention Room
3.    Visualization Room
4.    Recognition Room
5.    Inductive Reasoning Room
6.    Creative Thinking Room
7.    Concentration Room
8.    Mental Therapy Room

This concludes all the information that is found in Awakening Center.

Once you have completed the exercises within the Awakening Center, you can then move on to the final center which is the Magic Center.


The Magic Center is where you begin practicing and bringing into action all that you have embodied throughout the Personal Growth and Development (PG&D) Center and the Awakening Center. Within this center are 6 Activity Rooms to assist you in bringing the unseen (which are your thoughts, ideas, or concepts) to the seen (which is the manifestation of the physical forms of your thoughts, ideas, or concepts). Within the Magic Center, I have incorporated different activities for you to begin taking actions on what you have embodied through the centers with SOFT.

6 Activity Rooms

1.    Reading Room
2.    Thinking Room
3.    Discovery Room
4.    Scenery Room
5.    Music Room
6.    Relaxation Room

This concludes all the information that is found in Magic Center.

Remember, I am here to assist you in this game called life. By the way, how are you doing in this game called life? Is it bringing to you greater health, happiness, and wealth? Is it bringing to you any of your desires? My question to you is “how well are you playing this game called life?”

Come Join Me In Discovering Just Who You Really Are!!!