Identity Stripping


You are about to enter the cleansing room where you will be asked to mentally remove your whole identity. I know you are asking why. Why would I or should I do such a thing? You must understand that you cannot enter on this journey with who and what you are right now. Please understand that WHO you are right now with your egos, illnesses, worries, disorders, and fears will hinder or stop your movement, your flow on this journey of discovering your greater SELF. Of course, I can’t have that on this journey, on your journey. I’m simply asking for you to mentally place all that you are identifying with on that imaginary shelf right by you, you can pick up any aspect of you whenever you feel the need (of course as time goes on you will forget about that old self, you will be too focused on creating with the greater SELF to even thing about that old self).

Now, please let’s continue on to the:

Cleansing Room


Our Thinking Body