How It Works


First I must say welcome to School of First Thought (SOFT). It is an honor to have YOUR ENERGY with me today. It is a pleasure to have you in SOFT. I know that you are curious to know what this school is all about…so without any further delay let me start.

SOFT was created out of the power of my thoughts. In January, 2000, after being on a quest for one year, trying to seek out a greater understanding of the game called life, I had an enlightened moment. From that moment, I knew the world needed to know what I came to realize. As the years passed, I grew in my understanding of the game called life. This led me to self-published my book:  How Well Are We Playing This Game Called Life: What We Must Know About Our Birthright.

While writing my book it came to me to create a school that will give the world a greater understanding of the POWER that resides in ALL OF US. Here’s how it works:

  • You start with Journey Begins Here…

Then move on to Bubble of Consciousness (BOC) where you will find out about Our World..The World of Concepts.

Then move on to Division of Consciousness Statuses (DOCS). Then click on the DOCS in which you identify.

-Click to find out what DOCS is telling you.

  • Click to arrive at the Identity Stripping area.
  • Click to move on to the Cleansing Room. There you will be asked to do something; I do recommend you to comply.

Note: I understand that you may need to sit in the cleansing room for a moment. I recommend you to click on the meditation room where you can sit silently with what is being asked of you in the cleansing room. Please try not to come out until you are able to some degree comply.

  • If, you are ready to move from the cleansing room, please move forward to the Intention Room.
  • Once you have an idea of your intention you can click on Write Your Life Scripts to begin writing greater and more power life scripts that will take you where it is you want to go.
  • I almost forgot to give you the TOOLS…
  • You must go to the Personal Growth & Development Center (PG&D) (click Centers-Top Menu).
  • In the PG&D center you will have the tools that will allow you to go into the Awakening Center where you will engage in different exercises in the Temperament Rooms.
  • Once you have explored the Awakening Center and is comfortable with doing some of the exercises…feel free to move on to the Magic Center.
  • The Magic Center is where you will explore different activity rooms that will assist you in bringing all your thoughts, ideas, or concepts to life. I mean for them to be seen in the physical world…the world of concepts!!!


Oh yeah…from time to time you may need to visit the Knowledge Room to assist you in understanding the GREATER YOU that you are CREATING.


Now, Go Create Your Day…Create Your Life…!!!!
Go Play With Your Consciousness!!!