Activity Rooms


There is pure magic within us, within our Energy Packet. All we have to do is THINK IT and we will BECOME IT! But, we must understand this power that resides in every individual. You must begin to make conscious efforts to understand the power of your words and thoughts. First, you must understand that fears, doubts, worries, hatred, jealousy, concerns are not able to produce your desires. You must come into the activity rooms within the Magic Center with courage, faith, love, passion, focus, concentration, quietness, silence, harmony etc in order to begin creating the world that you desire to see in this physical world of concepts.

Please engage in any room within the activity rooms and begin feeling the joy, love, and happiness that you need in order to increase your Energy Packet, your Power.

Reading Room


We must understand the magic of manifesting comes from our level of understanding. The more we are able to understand, the more we are able to change our life circumstances. Knowledge is rightfully our, however we must seek this knowledge by way of digesting information through reading and understanding at a higher level, just how this game called life is played. Reading is where you find the MAGIC!!!

Thinking Room


It is important to be aware of what we are thinking. THINKING MAKES THE MAN/WOMAN!!! When we are thinking, we bring to ourselves that which we think the most about. Thinking with faith, courage and love brings about a healthier, happier and wealthier life. Think ALWAYS the way you desire your life to be…and it will be. Because YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU WILL (Yourself) TO BE…

Discovery Room


It is time to take the journey of DISCOVERING SELF! The REAL SELF without the self-images that has taken control of our internal and external existence. The time is now! How? You may be asking…how can I discover the REAL SELF?

Scenery Room


When understanding your POWER, you will realize that visualization is an important factor in obtaining your desires. Take a moment to enjoy some of nature’s sceneries. Allow yourself to begin visualizing a more wonderful life. See the beauty and the beauty will see you!!!

Music Room


Music is the gateway to your SOUL! Allow yourself to feel and hear the music that is resonating from your soul. Dance with the energy, for you will be amazed of what you will feel. Dance! Dance! Dance! Let the music guide you on this wonderful journey of discovery the Real Self.

Relaxation Room


Come in and relax. Take your shoes off. Grab a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. Take 5 minutes to breathe deeply. That’s right nice deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your stomach to rise when you are breathing in and allow it to contract when you are breathing out through your mouth…that’s right deep breaths in and out.