Intention Room


Now that I have your attention—what is your intention? I mean what is it that you desire to do in this game called life? You have now stripped yourself of what you’ve been told by yourself and others your entire life. You have temporarily let go of your belief systems, and the biggest thing of all you have STRIPPED YOURSELF OF THAT OLD PHYSICAL BODY!

What is it that you DESIRE FOR YOURSELF? This is what School of First Thought is about; it is about assisting you in creating a GREATER YOU! It is about changing your patterns of thoughts to newer and greater patterns of thoughts. School of First Thought is about taking you on a journey of DISCOVERING SELF. But, you must have an intention, a desire that you want to have manifested in the physical world. The intention could be to be happier; be healthier; be wealthier; take a vacation; find a better job; take your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend out to dinner; get an A on an exam; find a cure for a particular disease; cure yourself of your illness or disorder; it could be any number of intentions!!!



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