Temperament Rooms

Welcome to the Temperament Rooms (T-Rooms). The purpose of the T-Rooms is to assist you with your creations. I mean I have given you plenty of information about your Real Self… about the POWER WITHIN YOU. It is only fair to accommodate you with rooms designed specifically for accessing your TRUE DESIRES.

Now, the way it works is to address each phase of the T-room per week. Meaning the 1st phase in the Quiet Room is considered the 1st week. You need to do that exercise every day of that week. So, it would probably be best to start on a Monday. I want you to be able to work effectively on what you what in The Game Called Life.

You must follow the sequence of the T-rooms because you are actually building yourself from within (the world within – the spiritual world) into the without (the world without – the physical world).

These rooms were developed based on the information taken from The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. The Master Key System is a very profound book that gives valuable guidance to becoming the Master Key of your Life.

What did I do? I developed a temperament room for every three parts of the book. The Master Key System consists of 24 parts. For example parts 1-3 fall under the Quiet Room and parts 4-6 fall under the Attention Room, etc.

What I have done was taken the audio and the Master-Key-System pdf of the book; I downloaded it to assist you in understanding how to be masters of your lives. At the end of each part there is an exercise that you must participate in…use the temperament rooms to assist you in this game called life.

I ask that you recognize that you are the Master Key to Your Life.

Charles F. Haanel stated

“You Must First Have Knowledge of Your Power, Second, Courage to Dare, and third Faith to Do.”

I Dare You to Create A Greater YOU! In this game called life…

1st – Quiet Room


There are three phases in the quiet room that you must master before moving on to the Attention Room. Here you will learn how to control your physical body and your thoughts.

2nd – Attention Room


There are three phases that require you to focus on releasing all negative emotions such as fear, hatred, anger, doubts, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble, or disappointment. I want you to place your attention on something that is beautiful. The objective is to mentally take you to a place of pleasure and happiness.

3rd – Visualization Room


These three phases are about visualizing someone you last saw and begin seeing yourself interacting with them as if, they were physically with you now. It is about taking an object and mentally breaking it down to where it originated. It is about bringing something from the invisible to the visible. It is about you seeing it from within you first, then later, it can be manifested in the world without.

4th – Recognition Room


Here you will be recognizing the unity that you have with the Universe. You will begin to recognize that you are the power to all your creations. You will recognize that in order to use your power, you must first understand and recognize this power. You are truly omnipotence (all powerful…this is your birthright), omniscient (all knowing…you are supreme intelligence), and omnipresence (always present…everywhere…you are pure energy in a physical form).

5th – Inductive Reasoning Room


Here you will begin to reach conclusions as to your unity with the Universe. You will come to understand that based on the power of your thoughts you can create anything that you so desire. You will come to realize that every cause has an effect, and that the causes are brought about from your thoughts. You will conclude that you are consciousness itself and must be conscious of your words and thoughts that are producing the effects in your life.

6th – Creative Thinking Room


Here you will unite with your creativeness by simply playing with your consciousness. You will come to understand that everything has to do with states of consciousness. Happiness, joy, peace, fear, and worries, coms from different states of consciousness. You will understand that everything comes from a mental attitude. Heaven and Hell are simply states of consciousness. Change your mental attitude you change your state of consciousness. Tapping into your creative thoughts will raise your level of consciousness.

7th – Concentration Room


Here you will concentrate on SILENCE. Silence is where you are able to meet your True Self. Concentrating on the fact that you are the Universe and the Universe is You! You and the Universe are one. Concentrate on the fact that you are all powerful, always present, and all knowing. That within, around, and through you there is an invisible force that is governed by the Universal Laws of Nature. What you think…You must become! Because YOU ARE THE POWER!!!

8th – Mental Therapy Room


Here you must bring everything together and sit with it. Know that all your thoughts (patterns of information and energy) are colliding with the Universe, bringing into the physical world what you have created in the mental world. You will begin to comprehend that you were spirit first, then physical form second. You are swimming in Supreme Intelligence and can only communicate with this Supreme Intelligence by way of your thoughts. Know that you are the power to all your creations… Know that all physical objects were first created from a thought, idea, or concept. Go and begin creating your tomorrow.