It’s Your Birthright!!!

Listen everyone; can I talk straight to you? I mean can I really be honest with you? Thank you… We are doing ourselves an injustice by not understanding that we came into this world with unimaginable powers. We fail to understand that before we were born of human flesh we were absolute pure power which is what we are calling pure energy. The question we must begin asking ourselves is how can we tap into this unimaginable power?

By Understanding the Universal Laws of Nature

Listed below are some of the ways we are able to create our environment, our lives, and our world. Remember the Story of Creation Simplified? I want you to fully understand this section of what is being said:

God is not only pure Spirit or Intelligence; He is also perfect and immutable Law. As pure Spirit, He governs the Universe through the power of His word. Hence, when He speaks, His Word becomes Law. The Law must obey. The Law is mechanical, the Word is spontaneous.

What seems to be implied here is that pure Spirit or Intelligence (which is who we are before forming into body and flesh) is perfect and immutable Law which governs the Universe through the power of “the word.” Hence, when “We” speak, “Our” word becomes law. The law must obey our every word.” Because it is a doer ONLY! It is mechanical, It cannot distinguish good from bad, It takes your words and give you the experience based on your words, thoughts, ideas, or concepts. The word is spontaneous which sets the law which is the Doer of everything in motion.

This is how we are creating every physical object that we see in our world today! We think it, therefore we must become it. We think poverty, see poverty, experience poverty, then we will live poverty. We are hardwired (connected to the Universe) within ourselves to create the world without ourselves.

Understand just how these Universal Laws of Nature operate and you will begin using your natural powers more constructively.

Please, I implore you to take this section seriously, this is a matter of how you will experience the next moments of your existence. You must understand just how the Universal Laws of Nature are governing every moment of your existence.

Universal Laws of Nature

Law of Abundance – Law of Action – Law of Attachment – Law of Attention – Law of Attraction – Law of Awareness – Law of Belief – Law of Cause and Effect – Law of Compensation – Law of Connection – Law of Consciousness – Law of Correspondence – Law of Detachment – Law of Elimination – Law of Emergence -Law of Expectancy – Law of Faith and Acceptance -Law of Freedom – Law of Frequency – Law of Good – Law of Gratitude – Law of Growth – Law of Intention – Law of Least Effort – Law of Liberty – Law of Life is a Law of Thought – Law of Love – Law of Mental Equivalents – Law of Mind and Spirit – Law of Perception – Law of Perfection – Law of Projection – Law of Reality -Law of Reflection – Law of Unfoldment – Law of Vibration


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