Journey Begins Here…


The Journey begins right where you are right now in the game called life. You have created your current situation by playing with your consciousness. If you are happy, healthy, and wealthy (in all aspects) in your current situation then, you have consciously or unconsciously done a good job in playing the game called life. If, you are unhappy, unhealthy, and not wealthy (in all aspects) then, you consciously or unconsciously have not done a good job at playing the game called life.

There is no need to be concerned, playing with your consciousness will bring to you what you bring to it. What does this mean? It means that you can only play the game called life based on the level of your understanding of the connection you and your thoughts have with the Universe and everything inside this Universe. SOFT was created to bring to you a greater understanding of yourself, your thoughts, and your connection to the Universe. Are you ready to become conscious of your power and the power of your thoughts?

Then let’s move on to understanding The Bubble of Consciousness (BOC) “Our World…The World of Concepts”