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There is much you need to know and how to apply it while engaged in School of First Thought (SOFT). Here you will find a supply of areas that will assist you in playing a greater game in the game called life. I want to assist you in your journey by making things as easy and understandable as I possibly can. I want you to fully understand just WHO YOU ARE in the game called life. And, that YOU ARE TRULY THE POWER to all your CREATIONS!!!

Here is what you MUST really understand… Nothing can happen in the physical world unless you first create it within the mental world.  You must be stripped of your identity (see cleansing room) or identity stripping, so that you can fully grasp what is behind the physical matter, the physical body. You must fully understand Your Energy Packet (Your Soul) and what it consists of such as the Four Forces of Nature, Four Elements of Nature, and the Four Biological Rhythms of Earth.

I really need for you to take as much time as needed to fully grasp what is in this Energy Packet which is Your Soul. Let me be clear here this Energy Packet is really your Soul! This is what is going on behind the physical world of ALL objects. Beyond the physical body you can really feel your oneness with the Universe and with Life Itself.

Here is the catch…you can only use this power within your Energy Packet based on you level of understanding, increase you understanding, you increase you power within your Energy Packet. Everyone has an Energy Packet because everyone has a Soul…

Increasing Your Understanding…

Welcome To The Hall of Resources


We Must Be Before We Can Do, And We Can Do Only To The Extent Which We Are,
And What We Are Depends Upon What We Think.
—Charles F. Haanel

The Hall of Resources is designed for you to use as a short cut to get you to a particular area without clicking throughout SOFT. I want to make this as simple and understandable as possible. You deserve to create the life that is yours by birthright, due to your inherent life. However, if you do not understand or if you are not willing to embrace you birthright, you will still be creating your life in fragments based on fragmented thoughts, fears, doubts, worries or concerns. Take the time to understand just WHO YOU REALLY ARE in the game called life…

You ARE THE POWER!!! You really are…!!!

Please each area gives you vital information that will enhance your way of thinking and being. It is truly an honor to be able to deliver this information to you.


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Awakening Center
A –to- Z Steps to A Richer Life
Bubble of Consciousness (BOC)
Division of Consciousness Statuses (DOCS)
Energy Packet (Your Soul)
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Hall of Resources

Impress Upon The Universe

It”s Your Birthright
Magic Center
Personal Growth & Development Center
Play of Consciousness (POC)
Story of Creation Simplified
Temperament Rooms
Universal Laws of Nature
25 Qualities of the Unified Field of All Possibilities

Awakening Center