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Write Your Life Scripts

Please address the questions (below) that you need to know in order to play a greater and better game called life. 


What Is My Intention?

What is my intention? We must ask ourselves this first before we are able to effectively change our life scripts. I mean what are my intention in the game called life? Am I living blindly? Am I allowing things to happen to me? Am I really in control of what, where, and how I am living my life? What do I want from this life that I am living? I must consistently ask myself questions like these.

NOTE: This is a form to guide you into answering the questions of who, what, where, and how. Allow this format to assist you with writing your life scripts. You can create many scripts for different areas of your life. For example: You are having Relationship issues.... You can write a life script mapping out how you can improve on your relationship. You can tell each other that "we will have a sit down discussion once a week about what is going on". You are having health issues... You can write a life script mapping out what you can do to improve on your health. It could consist of walking for 10 plus minutes a day; eating healthier 3 times a week. Meditate or pray for thoughts and visuals of your health improving. Increase Education If you are looking to make more money you can write a life script mapping out steps you can take to increase your education such as taking one or two courses at a time to gradually work on increasing your education.


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