Awakening Center


The Awakening Center is about having a light bulb moment based on the tools (knowledge) that you were given in the PG&D center. Once you begin awakening to the power that you have within you then, you will realize that the sky is the limit to your hopes, dreams and desires. I have created temperament rooms that will guide you on the journey of discovering a greater you.

These temperament rooms will guide you to creating a greater self. Each room involves you doing some form of exercise. I recommend you follow whatever is being asked of you. It will lead you to experience your thoughts, ideas, or concepts in the physical world based on what you created in the mental world of energy. The temperament rooms consist of 8 rooms: quiet room, attention room, visualization room, recognition room, inductive reasoning room, creative thoughts room, concentration room, and mental therapy room.

Temperament Rooms


1. Quiet Room           2. Attention Room        3. Visualization Room
4. Recognition Room    5. Inductive Reasoning Room
6. Creative Thoughts Room
7. Concentration Room    8. Mental Therapy Room


Based on the tools (knowledge) you received from the Personal Growth & Development (PG&D) Center all you have to do is play with your consciousness by creating new thoughts and by becoming those thoughts. By being able to embrace your new thoughts, ideas, or concepts you will see them demonstrated in the material/physical world. Let me make myself clear, you must create new thoughts, ideas, or concepts in your mind on a consistent basis until you begin to see and experience them in the physical world.

Magic Center