Questioning Rooms


Some of us have no idea what our intentions are in the game called life. This is why it is important to ask questions such as Who Am I? What Is My Purpose? What Can I Do To Be Happy? Where Do I Wish To Go or Do In Life? How Can I Create A Better Life For Myself? How Can I Create A Better Life For My Family?  How Can I Succeed In Life?

In playing the game called life you must asked these questions of yourself, not to a friend, not to a neighbor, not to a family member, not even to a mentor. You must ask these questions of yourself because “YOURSELF” is the only one that can answer these questions.

Please click on the Who, What, Where, and How to begin asking questioning about your True Self.

Then, move on to “It’s Your Birthright” to understand just how much power you have in the game called life.

WHO?         WHAT?          WHERE?          HOW?

It’s Your Birthright!!!


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