Thoughts, Ideas, Desires, or Concepts


It is about your thoughts, ideas, desires, or concepts manifesting into the physical world based on mental activities…your consciousness.

We must understand our THOUGHTS, IDEAS, DESIRES, or CONCEPTS are patterns of information and energy; this makes our thoughts, ideas, desires, or concepts dynamic energy. This means active, lively, energetic, self-motivated, vibrant, and full of life, we are creating at every movement of our existence…both consciously and unconsciously.

We have the UNIVERSE, which is considered static energy; not moving, stagnant, still, motionless, and inert (lifeless). Nothing can be created unless thoughts, ideas, desires, or concepts impress upon the Universe. We must be conscious of our creations by focusing on thoughts, ideas, desires, or concepts that will assist us in creating what we truly desire to see in our physical world.

I have created questioning rooms, temperament rooms, and activity rooms to assist you in impressing upon the Universe with your thoughts, ideas, desires, or concepts. This will assist you with creating on a higher level of consciousness. I ask that you remove self-images, roles, and belief systems so that you can journey beyond the known and create a healthier, happier and wealthier life for you and your loved ones.

Now, Go Impress Upon The Universe!!!

Important TOOLS Needed



Energy Packet (Our Soul)


Our Thinking Body