Meditation Room


Welcome please come in and sit a while. I want you to take this moment so that you can continue stripping yourself of your identity. Please understand that this needs to happen, so that you can create a greater you. You do want to experience a greater you than the one you are identifying with now? I mean don’t you want to strip yourself of those aches, pains, disorder, and/or diseases that have been hindering you from expressing a greater you? Do you not want to live a healthier, happier, and wealthier you? I know you do! So, please be patient and sit a while and mentally begin stripping yourself of those self-images, those social roles, those emotions, and of course that physical body. Remember you just placing them on a shelf near you, of course they are in arms reach…smile.

Now, I want you to sit back and listen to this relaxing music. I want you to imagine yourself disappearing right before your eyes. I want you to see yourself as pure energy playing in the Universe of all possibilities. Wow! Can you feel yourself floating through the Universe? Continue imagining and feeling yourself one with the Universe and know that you are oneness and oneness is you. Sit back and listen to the music and continue to be one with everything.


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