Magic Center



We are in the Magic Center where all your desires will become a REALITY! But you must come with the tools that are located in Personal Growth & Development (PG&D) Center and the Light Bulb awakening moment you received in the Awakening Center you must come with nothing but FAITH. Faith that WHO YOU REALLY ARE will show itself here… For where else can the invisible becomes visible. The Magic Center is where YOU BECOME ALIVE! Remember you are not in physical form…you cannot be in that old body trying to create a healthier, happier, and wealthier you.

Note: If you are in the Magic Center and you are still attached to your identity please go straight to the cleansing room and continue to sit in silence until you are able to detach from your identity.


Impress Upon The Universe!!!



Now are you ready to begin the activities that will bring about a GREATER YOU?

Then let’s proceed to the Activity Rooms…