About Centers

I’ve created a Personal Growth & Development, Awakening, and Magic Center to assist you in understanding who you really are in the game called life. You must understand that at a deeper level of you…you are the power to every experience that you are having whether consciously or unconsciously.


Personal Growth & Development (PG&D) Center

PG&D center is designed to increase your knowledge of your power and your connection to a greater power. Unfortunately you are growing and developing with insufficient tools (knowledge) to reach a higher level of your full potential. The PG&D center will provide you with the necessary tools (knowledge) so that you can play a greater game called life.

Awakening Center

The Awakening Center is about having a light bulb moment based on the tools (knowledge) that you were given in the PG&D center. Once you begin awakening to the power that you have within you then, you will realize that the sky is the limit to your hopes, dreams and desires. I have created Temperament Rooms that will guide you on the journey of discovering a greater you.

Magic Center

Well, I believe the Magic Center speaks for itself. The Magic Center is where you go when you have had a light bulb moment and you are seeing and experiencing that thought, idea, or concept in the physical world. The Magic Center will assist you in bringing your thoughts, ideas, or concepts to fruition. Activity Rooms were created to assist you in seeing and experiencing the MAGIC that you have created out of your thoughts, ideas or concepts.

I must tell you in order to succeed in these centers you have to come into it with nothing but your energy, whatever level you are at with your energy is okay. SOFT purpose is to increase your level of energy so that you can create a healthier, happier, and wealthier life. Remember you removed your social statuses, your social roles, your self-images, your belief systems, your emotions, and that physical body that may or may not have issues. You cannot fully express a greater you while still embracing the old you. You must let the old you go before a greater you can be born.