Discovery Room


First start with “The Story of Creation Simplified,” I suggest you read and reread this story on a daily basis. Ask question in order for the Universe to send you clarity. Understand that YOU ARE THE POWER to ALL your CREATIONS!!! But you must DISCOVER how to use this POWER!

Understand how to use your ENERGY PACKET, but first start with the Cleansing Room. Hurry and head over to the Hall of Knowledge to understand the FORMULA. Remember ask many questions to seek clarity. The answers will come…just be aware that they are coming. Ask and it shall be given. Don’t forget IT’S YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!!! Embody as many Universal Laws of Nature that you can…this is where the invisible becomes visible. The Laws are the DOER of everything you are seeing, thinking, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling. The Universal Laws make the MAGIC! Let’s not forget that in the Hall of Resource there is a hidden treasure that will reveal more on how to understand your POWER.

Scenery Room


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