Do You Know That…


1. We have a “Thinking Body?”
2. Our entire body is made up of trillions and trillions of cells?
3. Our cells are constantly generating and regenerating (old cells die and new cells are born) all by themselves?
4. We naturally have a completely new body in less than a year?
5. We have an internal pharmacy to help us heal the body?
6. Our cells are intelligent (we can tell our cells what to do by thinking it into our life)?
7. Our cells are eavesdropping on our thoughts (so, be careful what you think)?
8. Our thoughts send our cells into action (naturally producing chemicals) allowing us to experience what we are thinking and feeling?
9. What we think we must become?
10. Repetitive thoughts are only useful when trying to create something in the
physical world based on your desires. Once created you must move on to the next
thought, the next creation.
11. Once you have a thought, it is considered dead images, no longer alive, unless you keep them alive by repetitively thinking about it. The more you think about that repetitive thought, the more life you give to that thought.

This Means…

12. We have the power to changing our life’s circumstances?
13. We have the power to creating a healthier, happier, and wealthier life?
14. We are in control of our thoughts?
What We Must Know…
15. Our thoughts are patterns of information and energy?
16. We can change our thoughts by introducing different patterns of information and
energy (different thoughts)?
Note: Introduce Life’s Script Form
17. We must form a thought of what we desire within of our mind first, before we
can see it in the physical world?

18. We are co-creating with the laws of nature? Such as:

Law of Cause and Effect
Law of Attraction
Law of Projection (thoughts, feeling & impulses)
Law of Mental Equivalent
Law of Reflection (the mirror effect)

19. We have unlimited power at our disposal because of our cells’ intelligence?
20. The Four Forces of Nature, the Four Elements of Nature, and Four Biological
Rhythms can be found within and beyond our cells (at the subatomic level)?

21. We are an Energy Packet consisting of the forces of nature, the elements of nature, and the biological rhythms? A force to be reckon with!

22. The Four Forces of Nature are:
a. Gravitational
b. Electromagnetic
c. Strong interaction
d. Weak interaction

23. The Four Elements of Nature are:
a. Wind (Air) = Thoughts
b. Water = Emotions
c. Fire = Desire
d. Earth = Stability

24. The Four Biological Rhythms are:
a. Daily Rhythms – 24 hours cycle of night and day
b. Tidal Rhythms – our body is over 60 percent water
c. Lunar (monthly) Rhythms – 28 day menstrual cycle
d. Annual Rhythms – feeling sad in winter or falling in love in spring



Now, let’s begin creating a healthier, happier and wealthier body.

NOTE: In order to improve our life, we must feed our cells with newer and improved patterns of information and energy? We simply must feed our cells with healthier, happier and wealthier thoughts?

We must impress upon the universe with our thoughts, ideals, and concepts?
Our world is created based on what we are thinking…?
You can change the effects in your life by changing the cause?
The cause is what you are thinking…the effect is the manifestation of what you were thinking.


The World Is Our Playground!!!