Regardless of which Division of Consciousness Status (DOCS) you identify with in our Bubble of Consciousness you will still be one with what is known as “Conscious Intelligence” creating in a field of all possibilities. This is what is not being explained to us that WE ARE THIS CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE! We must first understand that we only EXITED into a particular DOCS to physically arrive into the World of Concepts…the end…period! It is up to us as individuals and as the human race to seek out that which is inherently ours. However we can only experience any and all things based on our level of consciousness. When we increase our understanding, our level of consciousness; we increase our power in playing the game called life. We have to seek greater awareness of our INVISIBLE status and the power that it holds for us. Then, we can play any game on the VISIBLE status without solely identifying with any particular DOCS. We must be conscious of our connection to Conscious Intelligence, which is the invisible power that resides in every physical body. We must seek to understand that we are all equal within this invisible power and still equal when we exit into the physical world. However, we can only access and use this power based on our understanding of it.
Yes, certain DOCS will not accommodate us with the proper tools to assist us in our understanding such as food, shelter, and education and/or medical care. So, we find ourselves behind the power ball, so to speak. Hence is why I have created School of Fist Thought (SOFT) to give you some invaluable tools to guide you in playing a better game than the one you are currently playing.

Identity Stripping