Daily rhythms—

what we experience as twenty-four-hour cycles of night and day

Tidal rhythms—

tidal rhythms are the result of the gravitational effect of the sun, the moon and the stars in the distant galaxies on the oceans of planet Earth. Our bodies are more than 60 percent of water as is our planet Earth.

Lunar (monthly) rhythms—

are a twenty-eight day cycle that occurs as a result of the movement of the Earth, the sun and the moon in relationship to one another. Examples would be human fertility and the menstruation cycle.

 Annual (seasonal) rhythms—

affects our biochemistry in our body-mind such as feeling depressed in winter and being in love during springtime. Seasonal changes also affect the biochemistry of trees, flowers, butterflies, bacteria and everything throughout nature.”

  Well, as you know the four biological rhythms of the earth operates within us. Although, it is happening on the outside of us, we MUST understand that it is happening on the inside of us first. This is how we experience everything first we see it within based on a thought, idea or concept, then it must be played without. I hope you are understanding just a little, so that you can begin stirring up your consciousness…you know it does not take much to get that consciousness going. Matter of fact, it is always going.


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