The four elements of nature are: wind (air), fire, water, and earth. These elements are found within us as it relates to our thoughts, desire, emotions, and stability. Here is what I mean:

WIND (AIR) is considered to be THOUGHT

FIRE is considered to be DESIRE

WATER is considered to be EMOTION

EARTH is considered to be STABILITY


Need I say anything more…really do I need to say anything more at this time? Yes, I think so… Our THOUGHTS are the wind, this is why they rapidly come and go…one moment you had a thought and the next moment it is gone like the wind! Our DESIRES seem to always be on fire within our self. We desire to achieve, to success, to love, to be happy…it is burning us up! Our EMOTIONS ride like the waves, going up and down, coming in and out…water flows in many directions…our emotions flows in many directions. Finally EARTH! Earth is STABILITY… We all want STABILITY!!!

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