The first thing to know about your energy packet is that it contains the four forces of nature. What are the four forces of nature some of you may be asking? They are gravity, electromagnetism, strong interaction, and weak interaction. I know some of you may be scratching your head wondering where I might be going with this…just one moment I’m about to explain.

As I was saying, these four forces of nature reside within and beyond our cells. Yes, at the subatomic level, the invisible is happening. Gravity, electromagnetism, strong interaction, and weak interaction are all working to keep the body functioning at the cells and beyond level. Let’s get a clear understanding of each force and how it actually relates to your body and your thoughts.

Remember, you stripped yourself of everything in order to use and understand these tools!

  • Gravity: holds the plant together and what makes earth go around. (Keeps us grounded).
  • Electromagnetism: responsible for light, heat, electricity, all the things we experience as daily energy (the electric and magnetic field that runs through our body).
  • Strong Interactions: holds the nucleus of an atom together (hold our physical body together).
  • Weak Interaction: responsible for transmutation of elements and radioactive decay (stages of physical development and body deterioration).

Note: Everything you see in the material world comes from these four forces. From a grain of sand to the largest and greatest object in existence…have these four forces within it. But, I just want to focus on the physical body for now…if, this is okay with you? Good.

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Bringing It Home…The Force Is Within Us!!!