Increasing Your Understanding…

Yes, I’m here to assist you with increasing your understanding….Let’s us begin.

The Formula tells you exactly how you came to be physical matter, a physical body. However, before you began forming into a physical body you were simply a Force in Motion….really! You were not even a thought, idea, or concept in this “World of Concepts.” Do you understand what I saying?

Remember you must increase your understanding, if you want to increase your power!

As I was saying within the “World of Concepts” within the Bubble of Consciousness which is Our World, you were not even a thought. What I’m saying is that you were not even conceived as a thought, idea, or concept. You were just one with energy, no soul, no Energy Packet. No form to identify with any Division of Consciousness Status.

You were a candle within the light, a drop of water within the ocean, you were simply without form. THEN, someone had a THOUGHT, IDEA, or CONCEPT! They desired to bring a physical body (object) into this “World of Concepts” to engage in the Bubble of Consciousness which is Our World.

Now, please pay close attention here!

Remember the “Story of Creation Simplified by Ernest Holmes?”

The Supreme Spirit or Intelligence (which we refer to as God) wished to create a being who could respond to and understand Him. So He created a being who had real life within himself. He could do this only by imparting His own nature to this being whom He called man. He must make him in His own image and likeness. Man must be created out of the stuff of Eternity, if he is to have real being.

Okay, what is being said here is that:



This is how we are able to use are Energy Packet…We are made out of the Stuff of Eternity!

  Reversed Formula


I want to keep this simple:

We are changing while in motion (hanging out in the Universe, playing with the energy without form). We are Energy: Gravity, Electricity, Strong and Weak Interactions…remember the Four Forces of Nature. Well, this is a part of our true essence…remember this is found within our Soul, Our Energy Packet.

While we are out there without form, playing with the Oneness of All Energy, and constantly changing (moving) while in motion, just hanging out in this Stuff of Eternity…Charges are beginning to happen (someone from the “World of Concepts” is stirring up thoughts). Watch out! You might be the one to begin forming based on someone’s thoughts.

Remember, thoughts are patterns of information and energy. These thoughts can be good or evil, they are thoughts forming based on the information that is being sent out to the Universe and the Universal Laws of Nature.

These Charges are beginning to look like Atoms (group of charges) which have to do you’re your initial thoughts about that physical object that you may or may not want.


Here is where most human beings are struggling with the physical objects that they have or do not have in their physical world. REMEMBER! It first must happen in the Mental World (the world within) in order for it to be seen in the Physical World (the world without) of affairs. What I’m saying is that you have to first conjure it up in your subconscious mind (where everything is really happening first, before it can be seen in the physical world).


Please Go Over This Many Times To Begin To Experience What I’m Saying…

Now, let’s finish building up this physical body, so you can begin playing with you consciousness, your state of mind, simply your energy within our World of Concepts.

We are now on the Molecules (group of atoms). Now, molecules as you know from general science have to do with forming into physical substance. Not quite “matter” but on its way to forming into physical objects. And, of course then there is MATTER which is actually the physical form of what we started off as “simply hanging out in the Universe.”

Now, “matter” as you know is what we are. We consist of “molecules, atoms, and charges.” This is how we are able to cause patterns (changes) while in motion. And, we started with nothing, no form…then, we had a thought, idea, or concept that sent every charge, atom, and molecule into action to form the “matter” that you see as a physical object.

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