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Play of Consciousness (POC) Contest Rules (Quarterly Contest)

Freestyle Your Creativeness

1. Register Member: Must be a register member to participate in any contest on School of First Thought (SOFT) and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites.
2. Script Submission Format: Play of Consciousness (POC) creative scripts submission can be a video or audio only.
3. Leeway: If, you submit a video or an audio it must be 20 minutes long (allow 1 minute of leeway: 19 -21 minutes). Anything less or more you are disqualified.
4. Start Time: Every quarter- (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec), The creative script must be submitted on the last day of every quarter between 12am – 5am, Eastern Standard Time (EST).
5. SOFT Tools: Must use the information on School of First Thought (SOFT) and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites to develop your Play of Consciousness (POC) creative script.
6. Submission of POC Creative Script: Script Registration will be open at 12am to 5am last day of the quarter ONLY (i.e. Oct-Dec, 2020 will be submitted on Dec 31 at midnight), Eastern Standard Time (EST).
7. No Contest Limitations: You can combine this with other contests.
8. No Purchases Required: You do not have to make any purchases to participate in The Game Called Life (TGCL), Play of Consciousness (POC) or Create Your Day-Create Your Life (CYD-CYL) contests.
9. Prior Winners: You are able to compete in contest until you win. Prior winners are ineligible.
10. Family and Friends: Family, friends and associates (those who have had face to face interactions) are ineligible for any contests.
11. Assistance: Anyone can assist you with POC Creative script. Remember you must use the resources on SOFT and TGCL to assist you in developing your script.
12. ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS! Winners will be announced at anytime during the first full week of the next quarter (i.e. Jan 6-12, 2020), Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Play of Consciousness (POC) Creative Script Requirements:


Remember: You are only playing with your energy through your creative skills like your imagination, your visualization, your intention, and your concentration.

• Use School of First Thought (SOFT) and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites ONLY to develop POC creative script.
• Must be based on any desires, fantasies, or dreams you have in the game called life.
• Must use your ATTENTION, IMAGINATION, VISUALIZATION, INTENTION, and CONCENTRATION to assist with developing your POC creative script.
• Must address a GREATER YOU than who you are being now in this game called life.

Freestyle Your Creative Script:

You are free to create a GREATER YOU in however you desire. THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS, NO RULES, just you creating within your inherent life, your real life. You must begin where you are and create a GREATER YOU that you desire to be. You must use the resources within School of First Thought (SOFT) and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites to assist you this is the only requirement.

Submission Format Requirements:

• Video (20 minutes/1 minute leeway)
• Audio (20 minutes/1 minute leeway)

(No Emails!)

Age Requirements:

No age limit. If you are able to understand the information on School of First Thought (SOFT) and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites, and is able to develop a life script based on that age (i.e. if, you are 9yrs old and able to develop a life script, then you meet the age requirement).

Eligibility Requirements:

• Must have submission in between 12am – 5am on last day of each quarter, Eastern Standard Time (EST).
ONLY THE FIRST 3 SUBMISSIONS will be ELIGIBLE for that quarter (those submitted during 12am – 5am last day of each quarter), Eastern Standard Time (EST).
• Must have met all requirements to be eligible (creative scripts and submission requirements).

Getaway Vacation Prize

4 Days/3 Nights or 7 Days/6 Nights Anywhere In The World

Getaway Vacation Prize: 4 Days/3 Nights (1 or 2 Bedrooms Condo) or 7 Days/6 Nights (1 or 2 Bedrooms Condo) anywhere in the world based on availability. There is a $49.00 service fee for 4/3 Nights and a $69.00 service fee for 7/6 Nights. This does not include airfare.

Prize Value:  4 Days/3 Nights (worth over $1200.00) and 7 Days/6 Nights (worth over $2100.00)

Receiving Prize: Your vacation will be booked by The Game Called Life (TGCL) Team. You will email requested dates and places to and someone will get in touch with you within two to three weeks of winning.

International Contestants: Collect Winnings can be done through different methods but will incur fees that will be taken out of the winnings.

Disclaimer/Legality: Report Winnings: All winnings must be reported to the IRS. You are responsible for reporting all winnings such as cash, gift certificates and getaways vacations to IRS.