Play of Consciousness


Play of Consciousness (POC) is a new form of activity that was created by the Founder (Dr. Linda Richardson) of School of First Thought (SOFT). Dr. Linda Richardson discovered that playing with your consciousness, your state of mind will bring your thoughts, ideas and concepts together to produce the physical experience you are having or desire to have in your life.

POC is about changing the patterns of your thoughts to produce different patterns that will assist you in experiencing all that you desire to experience. POC focuses on creating new thoughts that will bring about a healthier, happier, and wealthier you.

How can this happen? By consciously and intentionally focusing on the things that you desire to have and experience in your life. By knowing that you have a thinking body and it will always respond to your thoughts. By knowing that your body consists of intelligent cells that are forever eavesdropping on your thoughts and will give you the experiences that you are encountering based on those thoughts.

What can be done? By consciously and intentionally writing life scripts based on where you are choosing to go in the game called life. By fully understanding YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! Remember your cells are forever eavesdropping on your thoughts and YOU MUST experience WHATEVER YOU ARE THINKING!

Where can I go to get started? Well, I’m glad you asked. SOFT will assist you with playing with your consciousness (your thoughts). I created Temperament Rooms and Activity Rooms to assist you in creating a healthier, happier, and wealthier you.

 8 Temperament Rooms


Quiet Room; Attention Room; Visualization Room;

Recognition Room; Inductive Reasoning Room; Creative Thinking Room;

Concentration Room; and Mental Therapy Room.

6 Activity Rooms


Reading Room; Thinking Room; Discovery Room

Scenery Room; Music Room; and Relaxation Room

How does it work? Wow! I really commend you for asking such insightful questions.

This is how it works. You want to change your patterns of thoughts which thoughts are simply patterns of information and energy. So, you want to get rid of the repetitive information and energy which are your thoughts and create greater and newer patterns of information and energy which are your thoughts. Correct? Okay then, I believed you were asked to start at the Journey Begins Here.