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Every Day and in Every Way I Get Better and Better…
Every Day and in Every Way I Get Healthier and Healthier…
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Create Your Day – Create You Life (CYD-CYL) Contest (Monthly Contest)


1. Registered Member: Must be a register member to participate in any contest on School of First Thought (SOFT)
2. Script Submission Format: CYD-CYL Life submissions can be a video, an audio, or 500 words essay.
3. Leeway: If, you submit a video or an audio it must be 10 minutes long (allow 1 minute of leeway: 9 – 11 minutes) and 100 words leeway (400 to 600). Anything less or more you are disqualified.
4. Start Time: Monthly contest starts 1st of each month (Eastern Standard Time (EST).


5. Submission of CYD-CYL Scripts: Scripts must be submitted between 12am and 5am last day of each month.
6. SOFT Tools: Must use the information on School of First Thought (SOFT) website to develop Create Your Day-Create Your Life  (CYD-CYL) script.
7. Contest Limitations: No combining contest choose one only.
8. No Purchases Required: You do not have to make any purchases to participate in The Game Called Life (TGCL), Play of Consciousness (POC) or Create Your Day-Create Your Life (CYD-CYL) contests.
9. Prior Winners: You are able to compete in contest until you win. Prior winners are ineligible.
10. Family and Friends: Family, friends and associates (those who have had face to face interactions) are ineligible for any contests.
11. Assistance: Anyone can assist you with CYD-CYL script. Remember you must use the resources on SOFT to assist you in developing your script.
12. ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS! Winners will be announced on the 15TH of the following month.

Create Your Day-Create Your Life (CYD-CYL) Script Requirements:


Remember: You are only playing with your energy through your creative skills like your imagination, your visualization, your intention, and your concentration.

• Use School of First Thought and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites resources ONLY to develop script.
• Must be based on any desires, fantasies, or dreams you have in this game called life.
• Must use your ATTENTION, IMAGINATION, VISUALIZATION, INTENTION, and CONCENTRATION to assist with developing CYD-CYL script.
• Must start from where you are right now. If you are stressed, depressed, anxious, suicidal you must create your day starting at that point.
• Must address a GREATER YOU than who you are being right now in the game called life.
Where Are You? Must address where you are right now and how you will create a scenario to take you one step or two into a greater and more powerful you.
Who Am I Really? Must articulate in two to three sentences (statement) Who You Really Are based on the resources found in School of First Thought (SOFT) and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites. Submit on Submission form at time of script submission.
What Will You Be Doing? Must address what you will be doing in 6mths to 1 year.
Start Time: Must start with creating your day on the first day of the Month and build on it through that month. First state where you are psychologically, emotionally, and physically on 1st day of the month. Then create a step by step scenario that will improve on your psychological, emotional, and physical well being for the month.
Must Take Action; You must take action on what you have created by playing it out in your life (i.e. if, you are depressed and on Monday you create a scenario that you will tell yourself 20 times a day for the whole week that “I am happy” and “I am wonderful,” then do an activity like dancing to music to raise your vibrations by singing “I am happy” and “I am wonderful” then you have created your day in a different way).

Submission Format Requirements:

• Video (10 minutes/1 minute leeway)
• Audio (10 minutes/1 minute leeway)
• Email (500 words/100 words leeway)

Age Requirements:

No age limit. If you are able to understand the information on School of First Thought (SOFT) and is able to develop a CYD-CYL script based on that age (i.e. if, you are 9yrs old and able to develop a script, then you meet the age requirement).

Eligibility Requirements:

• Must have submissions in between 12am – 5am at the end of each month Eastern Standard Time (EST).
• Must have met all requirements to be eligible (CYD-CYL) scripts and submission requirements).


$100 cash or Visa Gift Card

No Rollover: No winners mean no rollovers!

Receiving Prize: You can receive your prize through PayPal, mail (check), western union, or other methods. Note if, you opt for western union or other methods and there is a fee to send you your prize, the fee will come out of your winnings (i.e. if your win $100 and it cost $10 to send it to you, you will only receive $90).

International Contestants: Collect Winnings can be done through different methods but will incur fees that will be taken out of the winnings.

Disclaimer/Legality: Report Winnings: All winnings must be reported to the IRS. You are responsible for reporting all winnings such as cash, gift certificates and getaways vacations to IRS.