There are many types of counseling such as individual, family, couple/marriage, group, grief, teen, relationship, Christian, spiritual, substance abusive, mental health, divorce, and life coaching. At any time you might find yourself having issues in one or more of these areas. Counseling is very beneficial for it allows you to discuss you concerns with a professional that can assist you with working on solutions to these issues. As a therapist and life coach my job is to assist you with working on solutions to your issues.

SOFT was created to assist you in finding solutions to your issues. Play of Consciousness is a new form of therapy that I created to help you with changing the patterns of your thoughts so that you are able to create solutions to your issues. The way it works is that we will work together obtaining the necessary tools (knowledge) that is needed for you and your loved ones to have a healthier, happier, and wealthier life.

To be able to create a healthier, happier, and wealthier life, you MUST write different life scripts where you will be able to play them out within SOFT temperament and activity rooms. The objective is to play with your state of mind, you state of being by introducing new thoughts which are patterns of information and energy. Play of Consciousness is about raising your current level of consciousness, so you can create the life that you truly desire. Come journey with me to discovering a greater SELF.