I welcome you to School of First Thought (SOFT) where you are able to allow your thoughts (imaginations) to go beyond the impossible. SOFT is designed to assist you in understanding your SELF. I’m not talking about the self you are now, but the Self that is unknown to you at this present time. You see by understanding your connection to the world and the Universe will allow you to create the life you desire.

SOFT was established to assist the world with creating better and greater patterns of information and energy which are our thoughts. We do this by consciously and deliberately controlling our patterns of information and energy. How? SOFT is about focusing on the cause and effect. It is about being conscious of the causes that are producing the effects in our lives. SOFT understands that causes are internal and effects (events) are external. To change the effect we must change the cause. SOFT purpose is to assist you in changing the causes to bring about more productive effects in your lives. This is done by understanding the power of constructive thinking and playing with your consciousness.


SOFT mission is to assist you in creating different effects by changing the causes in your life. Because we are the world dreaming of local events, we must become conscious of our causes which are producing the effects (events) in our lives. SOFT objective is to take your desires and imbue them with LOVE, FAITH, IMAGINATION, CONCENTRATION, and VISUALIZATION. It is SOFT objective to assist you in your journey of manifesting your desires.


SOFT would like to take you on a journey by having you play with your consciousness, your state of mind, your state of being. SOFT has created certain temperament and activity rooms to assist you in creating newer life scripts that will bring about a healthier, happier and wealthier you. Are you ready and willing to play with your consciousness? Are you ready to experience a better life for you and your loved ones? If the answer is yes, then follow me by clicking below. If, the answer is no, then follow me by clicking below. You see there is no getting around playing with your consciousness. Playing with our consciousness is something we all do whether it is consciously or unconsciously. I say let’s consciously create a better world for ourselves. Come join me by clicking below.

Play of Consciousness