You Must Think A Different Life/Future…

in order
To Live A Different Life/Future!!!



How Would You Like Your Life To Be…?


Storytelling is a way to assist you in writing your life script. In the community area (Networking Menu)  you will have the opportunity to tell a brief story to the world and ask the world to assist you with creating a better story.

This revised story will be constructive and supportive, you then will have the option to begin living that version of the revised story in your everyday life, thereby assisting you with writing a greater life script that will eventually result in living a different life/future.

Where Are You on the Vibrational Scale?

Low Energy                                                                                                        High Energy
Low Vibratory Frequency                                                                        High Vibratory Frequency
Repetitive Thinking                                                                                        Creative Thinking

Understand that with anything you must start where you are right now. Knowing where you are on this vibrational scale will assist you with playing a better and greater game called life than where you are right now. The way the scale works is that “Fear” operates on a lower vibratory frequency, lower energy, and repetitive thinking. “Love” operates on a higher vibratory frequency, higher energy, and creative thinking.

Again, you must start where you are right now and move in the direction you desire to be in this game called life by using your ATTENTION, INTENTION, VISUALIZATION, CONCENTRATION, but most of all your IMAGINATION and your FAITH in the thing not seen in order for you to bring it into the seen (the physical form).

Remember, I have DARED YOU to CREATE a GREATER YOU!!! Are you up for the CHALLENGE?

             Yes: Then, begin playing with your energy (your consciousness, your state of mind) to create a greater you.

             No: Then, continue where you are…it is ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE!