I have informed you that WE ARE THE POWER to all our creations! Well, we are…! I know you still might not be fully grasping what is being said… have no fear, your consciousness already knows, it’s just waiting to be awakened so, it can take you to a greater Self…!

There is an invisible force within you that goes beyond your cells. It can be detected by scientists at the subatomic particle level with fancy and very expensive microscopes. However, we do not need to see what we have within us, but we do need to become aware of what is within us.


I’m not talking about what is going on in the world without, the world of physical objects. No need! Someone already wrote a life script and brought it into the physical world of concepts, based on some past thought, idea, or concept. I’m talking about what is going on WITHIN where everything is happening. I do mean everything!

Within us lie the four forces of nature, the four elements of nature, and the four biological rhythms of earth interacting with us and the Universe because we are ONE with everything. We think it, we must experience it…It is us. I mean we are the same substance in every form or every object. Different objects vibrate on different level (we will talk more about vibrations later).


Here is what you must know in order to go out and play with your consciousness… You must know and understand the Universal Laws of Nature. I must tell you here is where humans’ illnesses, diseases, disorders, unhappiness, happiness, joy, love and a host of any and everything come from. You must operate within the Universal Laws of Nature…Our Energy Packet has no choice but to operate within the Universal Laws of Nature, because the Universal Laws of Nature is running the show. We are actors, producers and director of any life script that we can create…but, the Universal Laws of Nature is in control of how these scripts will be played out.

Universal Laws of Nature