Every Day and in Every Way I Get Stronger and Stronger…
Every Day and in Every Way I Get Better and Better…
Every Day and in Every Way I Get Healthier and Healthier…
Every Day and in Every Way I Get Smarter and Smarter…

The Game Called Life (TGCL) Contest Rules (Monthly Contest)


1. Register Member: Must be a register member to participate in any contest on School of First Thought (SOFT).
2. Script Submission Format: TGCL scripts submission can be a video, an audio or 1000 words essay.
3. Leeway: If, you submit a video or an audio it must be 15 minutes long (allow l minute of leeway: 14 -16 minutes). Anything less or more you are disqualified.
4. Start Time: Starts 1st of each Month. Eastern Standard Time (EST).
5. SOFT Tools: Must use the information on School of First Thought (SOFT) and The Game Called Life (TGCL) websites to develop TGCL script.
6. Submission of TGCL: Scripts must be submitted between12am to 5am on the last day of each month. Eastern Standard Time (EST).
7. Contest Limitations: You cannot combine contests.
8. No Purchases Required: You do not have to make any purchases to participate in The Game Called Life (TGCL), Play of Consciousness (POC) or Create Your Day-Create Your Life (CYD-CYL) contests.
9. Prior Winners: You are able to compete in contest until you win. Prior winners are ineligible.
10. Family and Friends: Family, friends and associates (those who have had face to face interactions) are ineligible for any contests.
11. Assistance: Anyone can assist you with TGCL script. Remember you must use the resources on SOFT and TGCL websites to assist you in developing your script.
12. Groups: You may play TGCL Script with groups of 2, 3, 4, or 5, however, the script must show the relationship to each individual in the group. Same requirements apply. Will divide winnings.
13. ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS! Winners will be announced at anytime on the 20th of the following Month.

The Game Called Life (TGCL) Script Requirements:


Remember: You are only playing with your energy through your creative skills like your imagination, your visualization, your intention, and your concentration.

  • Use School of First Thought and TGCL resources ONLY to develop TGCL script.
    • Must be based on any desires, fantasies, or dreams you have in the game called life.
    • Must use your ATTENTION, IMAGINATION, VISUALIZATION, INTENTION, and CONCENTRATION to assist with developing TGCL script.
    Must address a GREATER YOU than who you are being now in the game called life (i.e. you are a worker but have always desire to open up your own business or you are a student and looking for the idea dream job, or you are a stay at home mom/dad and looking for extra income, then this is the life script you will develop through the resources in SOFT).

Note: The Who, Where, and How is based on visualizing and imagining you at a greater level in the game called life. It is not who you are being right now…who you are right now is from thoughts and experiences of yesterdays. You need to tap deeper into the Real You…the True Self!

  • Who Am I: Must articulate in a paragraph Who You Really Are based on the resources found in SOFT. Paragraph is submitted on the submission form at time of submission.
    Where Will You Be: Must address where you will be in 1 to 2 yrs.
    How You Plan On Getting There: Must address how you’re planning on getting to where you will be. Remember, it is about using your ATTENTION, IMAGINATION,
    VISUALIZATION, INTENTION, and CONCENTRATION! Based on your desires, fantasies, or dreams.
    • Must address two short term and long term goals based on your desires, fantasies, or dreams:

Example of Short Term Goals:

  •  I will improve my health by exercising twice a week (consist of walking, meditating, yoga, etc.
    •    I will put in job applications on Mondays and Wednesdays for two months
    •    I will improve on my relationship with my loved ones or friends, I will do this by agreeing to forgive them and meeting them for coffee (set time and place).
    •     I will improve my mood by thinking or doing something different for one month.
    •     I will stop my repetitive thoughts by saying the word “Next” and add a new constructive thought for two months, three times a day.
    •    I will improve on my communication skills within all my relationships (this is how I will do it…)
    •    I will improve on my finances and this is how I will do it…


Must have taken action on one of the short term goals. Must explain in details the action taken.

Note: Do not use these examples verbatim, this may disqualify you.

Example of Long Term Goals:

  • I will get my GED, H.S. Diploma, Undergraduate Degree, or Graduate Degree
    • I will save $1000.00 in one year.
    • I will be married in two years.
    • I will own my own business in five years.

Submission Format Requirements:

  • Video (15 minutes/1 minute leeway)
    • Audio (15 minutes/1 minute leeway)
    • Email (1000 words/100 words leeway)

Age Requirements:

No age limit. If you are able to understand the information on School of First Thought (SOFT) The Game Called Life (TGCL) and is able to develop a life script based on that age (i.e. if, you are 9yrs old and able to develop a life script, then you meet the age requirement).

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have submission in between 12am – 5am on last day of each month, Pacific Standard Time (PST).
    ONLY THE FIRST 7 SUBMISSIONS will be ELIGIBLE for that month (those submitted during 12am-5am last day of each month), Eastern Standard Time (EST).
    • Must have met all requirements to be eligible (TGCL scripts and submission requirements).

Prize: $500 cash or IPad

No Rollovers

Receiving Prize: You can receive your prize through paypal, mail (check), western union, or other methods. Note if, you opt for western union or other methods and there is a fee to send you your prize, the fee will come out of your winnings (i.e. if your win $500 and it cost $100 to send it to you, you will only receive $400).

International Contestants:
Collect Winnings can be done through different methods but will incur fees that will be taken out of the winnings.

Report Winnings: All winnings must be reported to the IRS. You are responsible for reporting all winnings such as cash, gift certificates and getaways vacations to IRS.