How It Works

Welcome Center

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Welcome to “How It Works” my intention is to make this information easily accessible as I possibly can to assist you in This Game Called Life (TGCL). As you can see there are:


3 Main Centers for You to Create a Greater You

In the…

1. Personal Growth & Development Center

Hall of Knowledge

Hall of Resources

Hall of Knowledge consists of:

·       Journey Begins Here…

·       Bubble of Consciousness (BOC) “Our World…The World of Concepts”

·       Division of Consciousness Statuses (DOCS)

·       A Thinking Body

·       Identity Stripping

·       Cleansing Room

·       Meditation Room

·       Intention Room

·       Questioning Rooms

·       It’s Your Birthright!!!

Hall of Resources consists of:

Activity Rooms
Awakening Center
A –to- Z Steps to A Richer Life
Bubble of Consciousness (BOC)
Division of Consciousness Statuses (DOCS)
Energy Packet
Impress Upon The Universe
It Is Your Birthright

Hall of Knowledge
Hall of Resource
Magic Center
Personal Growth & Development Center
Play of Consciousness (POC)
Story of Creation Simplified
Temperament Rooms
Universal Laws of Nature
25 Qualities of the Unified Field of All Possibilities

To assist you in retrieving the knowledge you need to understanding a greater you in this game called life.

In the…

 2. Awakening Center

         8 Temperament Rooms

To assist you with those light bulb moments that is needed for you to EMBODY a greater you in this game called life.

In the…

3. Magic Center

         6 Activity Rooms

To assist you in manifesting your desires, your life scripts in the physical world of this game called life.