What Is My Purpose?

Our purpose is to reach our full potential while functioning in this physical body. Our purpose is to achieve all that we desire while functioning in this physical body. We must understand our purpose is to experience peace, joy and happiness while functioning in this physical body. Our purpose is simply to enjoy this life by following our heart and doing what we desire to do. Our purpose is whatever we desire it to be! Can I ask you to do something for me? Thanks?

I want you to ask “what” questions to the Universe such as:

1. What steps can I take for me to…?

2. What will it take for me to…?

3. What can I do to…?

4. What vibrational energy that I can become to align me with my idea/higher self?

5. What new ideas can I implement now to…?

**You see by asking the “what” questions you will receive answers quicker than asking “how” questions. Be aware for the answers will come like the speed of light. And, be prepared to take action! Without action you can not manifest your desires.


First, You Must Have Knowledge of Your Power, Second Courage to Dare, and Third Faith to Do”

by Charles F. Haanel.



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