Play of Consciousness Contest Update

Play of Consciousness (POC) Contest Updates

Play of Consciousness (POC) Contest 3 Runner Ups
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Play of Consciousness (POC) Winners for…2019 

April – June, 2019 Begins!

January – March, 2019 (None)

Play of Consciousness (POC) Winners for…2018

October – December 2018 (None)

July – September, 2018 (None)

April – June, 2018 (None)

January – March 2018 (None)

Play of Consciousness (POC) Winners for…2017


January – March: No Participants

April – June: No Participants

July – September: No Participant

October – December: No Participant

Play of Consciousness (POC) Winners for…2016


January – March:  No Participants

April – June: No Participants

July- September: No Participants

October – December: No Participants

 Play of Consciousness (POC) Winners for…2015


January – March:  No Takers (No Participants)

April – June: No Takers! (No Participants)

July – September: No Takers! (No Participants)

October – December: Begins!

Play of Consciousness (POC) Winners for…2014


January – March:  No Takers! (No Participants)

April – June:  No Takers! (No Participants)

July – September:  No Takers! (No Participants)

October – December:  No Takers! (No Participants)


October – December:  No Takers! (No Participants)

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